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This page is designed to help you assist yourself and others to live in joy!


The Game of Earth Prayer™ Circle

A prayer circle is a commitment by a number of people who have agreed to pray for themselves and others as part of their spiritual practice. Through the circle we become linked as one energy enhancing the prayer energy for all involved in the circle.

Prayer requires the energies of love, gratitude, and faith. Through prayer we surrender our powerlessness to God/Goddess/ Creator/All that Is. Prayer is a tool of spiritual practice and enlightenment.

Circle hands

Why pray?

Our reality is created from our conscious, unconscious and super-conscious minds.

Your conscious mind is your physical body, it gathers information from your 5 senses and stores it in the brain as memory. The conscious mind is finite, it had a beginning and one day it will have an end.  We are aware of our conscious thoughts.

Your sub-conscious mind is your Spirit. It never dies. There is only “ONE” sub-conscious mind in the Universe and everyone is a part of it.  This is where the thoughts and beliefs of all of your lifetimes, including the one you are experiencing right now, are stored. You are unaware of these thoughts and beliefs but they shape and create your reality.

Game of EarthWe can become aware of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs by watching our mirrors, the events that we see around us in our lives, and acknowledging the energy behind the event and owning it.  By doing this we can ask (pray) our Super- conscious mind to release and change these negative beliefs and patterns.  Click here and read the mirror article for further insight into mirrors. 

The Universal Super-Conscious Mind is the Mind of God/Goddess, Creator, All that Is.  This is the energy of All that Is. This is the force that we are praying to.

There are two types of prayers. There are prayers for worldly benefit. These are prayers with material or worldly expectations.  People usually pray this type of prayer when they are faced with difficulties and challenges such as illness, financial concerns, employment, and relationship issues. This is the commonest variety of prayer.

There are also prayers for spiritual growth. Those who are spiritually expanding pray to God/Goddess/ Creator/ All that Is daily, as part of their spiritual practice and journey. There is no worldly expectation. Prayer is seen as for the highest and greatest good for all according to the Divine plan of Love and Light for the Universe.

When we pray we consciously connect our bodies and awaken our energies in the unconscious and Super conscious depths of our being.  Subtle frequencies are generated when one prays. These frequencies activate the God/Goddess/ Creator consciousness.  As we “touch” this Super consciousness we bring about the fulfillment of prayers for the Highest and Greatest good for all.

Prayers attract light frequencies towards the person, which releases negative energies in and around the person’s bodies. This increases more light and love energies or frequencies in the bodies. As the energies become lighter, the person’s thoughts become more positive, influencing the creation of more joyful events in a person’s life. 

65% of the events in our lives happen as per destiny. Destined events are those events that we appear to have no control over. These events, often judged as good or bad, are bound to happen in our lives. They occur from our Spiritual blueprint. They are necessary to aid us in achieving the experience and growth that is paramount for this life experience.

When we pray and own all that occurs in our lives we reduce our victim energy and stand in power. As we do this we connect deeper with all 3 of our consciousnesses. As we raise our energy levels we no longer pray for worldly expectations. We pray for connection and the enfoldment of the divine plan of love for all.

Join the Game of Earth™ Prayer circle to raise your own energetic frequency
to assist in the enfoldment of the highest and greatest good for all.


How it works

  • Sign up yourself and others to be in the energy of this prayer circle.
  • Click on this meditation to use to enhance your energy and guide you through the prayer.
  • During the prayer circle recite the names of the list of people or set an intention to include all of the people on the list in the energies of the circle.
  • By merging as one and raising our energies up to the Unity Grid we enhance the energy of all involved in the circle for the highest and greatest good of all.