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Mentor Program with Karolee

Dates: TBA in 2016

Are you looking to expand your consciousness?

Realize and utilize your gifts?

Significantly increase your vibration?

If so, Karolee offers an opportunity to train with her.

Prerequisite requirements:
Completion of The Game of Earth and Mirrors classes. This gives you a solid background on how life and energy works on Earth.

Once complete, you will engage in 5 private, one hour sessions, with Karolee, working on expanding your abilities to see, hear, know and feel your Higher Self guidance.

In addition, you will participate in 4 monthly group webinar trainings.

Offered separately, this package of 17 hours of training costs- $860

SPECIAL Mentor Program Package is offered at $555
(not included in affiliate program)



Spiritual EarthThe Game Of Earth™ Course

This class can quickly change your life! It is the culmination of knowledge of Karolee’s life studies and experience condensed into 6 hours of information. You will learn about the reality of our life on Earth. Understanding what Earth is, the different beings that are connected to Earth, why you are here on Earth, what the rules are and how to effectively use energy (tools), enables you to own your power and begin living the life of their dreams. This class can free you from the anxiety and lack of freedom in your life.

This course is divided into 5-montage sessions the playing field, the players, the goal, the laws, and the tools. Handouts and notes are included.

Updated Version to be Released 2016




 Closeup Mirror Reflection of a Woman's FaceMirror Class

One of the most powerful tools that Karolee teach others to use to heal themselves is the tool of “mirrors.” Mirrors are the reflections of our energy, which we see, of everything in our lives. This means that the energy of who we are creates our reality, our lives. As everything is made of the same substance, as quantum physics validates, what is within me is also outside of me. ” As within, so without.”

In practical terms, what we are feeling and thinking consciously and unconsciously creates our world.  Want to get to the unconscious energies easily and change your life?

Join Karolee on this webinar and learn how to transform your mirrors and your life to see significant change.  Class includes video of lectures, mirror work and notes.



Individual Meditations – Available Here!