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A prayer circle is a commitment by a number of people who have agreed to pray for themselves and others as part of their spiritual practice. Through the circle we become linked as one energy enhancing the prayer energy for all involved in the circle.

Prayer requires the energies of love, gratitude, and faith. Prayer is a tool of spiritual practice and enlightenment.


Why Pray?

“Prayer is to us, as water is to the seed of a plant.”

The seed of a plant is whole and complete unto itself. Under the right conditions, a seed may exist for hundreds of years simply as a seed, a rigid shell protecting greater possibility. Only in the presence of water will the seed realize the greatest expression of it’s life.

We are like these seeds. We come into this world whole and complete unto ourselves, carrying the seed of something even greater. Our time with one another, in the presence of life’s challenges, awakens within us the greatest possibilities of love and compassion. It is in the presence of prayer that we blossom to fulfill our potential.


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How it works

—> Below you can sign up to be in the energy of this prayer circle.  

—>Listen to the meditation found below to enhance your energy and guide you through the prayer. 

—> During the prayer circle, recite the names of the list of people or set an intention to include all of the people on the list in the energies of the circle.

—> By merging as one and raising our consciousness up to the Unity Grid we enhance the energy of all involved in the circle for the highest and greatest good of all.  


Game of EarthPrayer is the union of thought, feeling, and emotion, representing our opportunity to speak the language of change in our world and bodies.

Rather than say we create our reality, it may be more accurate to say that we create the conditions into which we attract future outcomes, already established, into the focus of the present.

Within us lies the power to commune directly with creative forces of this world and beyond. When we do this with out expectations or conditions on the outcome, we share a sacred moment with the powers of creation. We then plant a seed of possibility in the communion, the prayer. By offering thanks for a new outcome and holding unwavering faith in the accomplishment of the prayer, we create change.

Faith is the acceptance of our power as a directive force of creation. Faith is the key of communicating with unseen forces. Our faith allows us to rest assured that our prayers are accomplished. In this knowledge, our prayers become expressions of thanks, giving life to our choices as they blossom in the world.


How to pray: The lost mode of prayer:

The secret of prayer is to shift our perspective of life by feeling that the “miracle” has already happened and our prayers are answered.

To create health in our bodies and the world, we must possess the quality of health in our thought, feeling, and emotion in our body. Once we create the image of our desire in our mind and feel the feeling of our desire fulfilled within our heart, it has already happened. We then offer gratitude. The secret of prayer lies in acknowledging that when we feel, the effect of our feelings, has occurred somewhere, upon some level of existence.

Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect

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