“My mission is to help you master playing this game of life on Earth. “

Karolee Schloth

Karolee Schloth is an empowerment teacher pursued by many. She guides you to heal yourself, to live the life of your dreams.

As a powerful transformer of energy, Karolee aids you in releasing negative programming from your bodies. This allows you to heal and expand your consciousness, thus changing your life. She guides you in realizing your life purpose.

Karolee offers others her own stories of self –empowerment and healing. Guided by Infinite Awareness with Earth connection, she brings enlightenment and laughter to her teachings and sessions.


“Awakening to your power and releasing the old victim programming allows us freedom to soar. As we soar we inspire others. This is joy. Life is really not about waiting for the storm to pass alone. It is about learning to dance in the rain with others.”

“By connecting to Infinite Awareness and Earth through our heart centers, we re-connect to Oneness. By connecting to Oneness we can follow our highest guidance to create the world of our dreams!”

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