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Awakened Illumination – A.I. Empowering Your Light Body

Awakened Illumination – A.I.

Empowering your Light Body

Date: Saturday, November 19th
Time: 9:30am-6:30pm
 Register at Kaleidoscope Angels: 
1056 Old Swede Road
(Rt.662 & Blacksmith Roads)
Douglassville, Pa 19518


You are invited to attend this incredibly unique course created and presented by Karolee Schloth and Fred Salzman.  This enlightening seminar will introduce you to the truly, amazing
and powerful energetic being that you are on a deeper level.
These 3 aspects will be experienced:

  • Historical and current universal and planetary events that are affecting you on all body levels.
  • The latest tools that you can use to enhance your inherent power and healings to alleviate any blockages to you becoming your true self.
  • Further clarification of what your Light Body is, what to do with it, and why this is so important to not only your existence but to the entire planet and universe.

This one day class will shift your views on who you are and what your higher purpose is for incarnating in this lifetime. If you have been asking yourself any of the following, this is the answer you have been searching for:

  • Why have I been experiencing such an emotional rollercoaster the past few months or even years? 
  • Are the thoughts I have been having my intuition or coming from something else? 
  • What is the purpose of my life?

Now is the time for clarity in all areas of your life. This course will be held on Saturday, November 19th from 9:30am-6:30pm at Kaleidoscope Angels in Douglassville, PA. Light refreshments will be available, but you should bring your own lunch. The cost of this seminar is $133.33.  An incredible investment for the clarity you will receive!!! Call Kaleidoscope Angels at 610-689-3999 to register sooner than later as space will be limited. A non-refundable deposit of $33.33 will be required to hold your spot with the remaining $100 due by the day of the event.

To learn more about Fred visit and Karolee at

There is so much that we are just getting a glimpse of and finally re-awakening to that is going to alter the course of human destiny forever!

Come join us and Re-remember!




crystal circle

Andara charged Empowerment Circle

Date: TBA
Register at Kaleidoscope Angels: 
1056 Old Swede Road
(Rt.662 & Blacksmith Roads)
Douglassville, Pa 19518


Join Karolee Schloth and Deb McComas for a super charged opportunity to amplify your evolution.

Karolee and Deb are combining their gifts to share with you a tremendous opportunity to increase your energetic vibration.

Deb has been working with the Andara Crystals, which are a highly evolved group of Beings of Light, from Lemuria, for several years. She will present her Andara crystals, in a genesis spiral portal. This sacred gift will significantly amplify the energies presented by Karolee, as she channels light messages and sound through her voice and crystal bowls.

In experiencing this high vibrational group healing, your subconscious patterns surface and shift, empowering you to make positive changes in your life and hold and integrate higher levels of light. When your energy fields activate and increase their own intelligence, you evolve into higher states of consciousness. This is Ascension.

“It is our intention to empower you to empower yourself and in turn empower other beings of the planet, aiding the the shift of the New Earth.”

Much love,

Karolee and Deb

Energetic Exchange- $33.33





 Empowerment Circle

Dates: TBA

If you have never participated in Empowerment Circle, you are in for a treat.

The group connects as one -energy with Source & Earth. Karolee leads the group in assisting each member to heal their energy fields/bodies and receive energy activations to aid them in advancing their energies for achieving their life purpose. Everyone in the group participates and leaves feeling refreshed and energized. Messages are given from your Higher Self.

Cost is $25.00



full moon 

True Moon Healing Circle

with Karolee & Julia

Dates: TBA

Looking for a powerful attunement experience? On the full moon, Karolee and Julia will be together in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania for a full body recalibration experience. Through the use of alchemy healing bowls, voice, and energy movement, these two energy transformers will work with you to transmute, anchor and integrate energies for your highest vibrational attainment.

Energy Exchange $33

Reservation Required

Transformation Group



Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

Dates: TBA

Location: TBA

As a certified teacher for Drunvalo Melkizedeck’s ATIH or The Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop, which is taught throughout the world, I am honored to offer you the opportunity to take atih 1this evolutionary training. In this 4-5 day intensive workshop:

  • EXPERIENCE the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart
  • CREATE a new Mer-Ka-Ba that is directly connected to the Sacred Space of the Heart.  Your life becomes interconnected to all life everywhere and moves into higher consciousness naturally.
  • LEARN to take your consciousness from the polarity of the brain into the unity of the heart and create a living organic Mer-Ka-Ba field aligned with Mother Earth  
  • ACTIVATE your beams and create a sacred halo of light illuminated around your head, like the Masters and Sages, for profound expansion and to carry the Highest vibrations of Light, to be your Christed self.

If you are interested in this profound awakening/remembering experience,  join me at our next workshop…